This blog is created by Keith McPherson a Information technology and Mathematics teacher from Jamaica.  This blog is created with the intent of providing teaching and learning strategies to both  students and teachers.

Personal Contract For Teaching

    As a teacher, I’m committed to be the best teacher. I’m committed to up hold the standards of the profession. I’m committed to pass on all good morals to the students whom I will be teaching. I’m committed to educate  nations,  nations which have a promising future.  Some of our teenage youths are heading in the wayward direction and I want to be at the centre of the turnaround process.

This feat will be achieved by sticking to the following mission statement:

As an individual I am committed to contribute positively to the society – more so to the youths. This will be spear headed by the theme, “SETTING THE FOUNDATION WITH EDUCATION. “  I will be devoting my time and energy, to help wayward youths evaluate their present situation, identify the causes, the direction in which they are heading and guide them on a path to success. My main aim is to rid all the street corners of the promising youths. This will be done through a collaborative effort by, families, communities, public sector, private sector and the government. A ten year action plan will be set in place to facilitate this ambition. As my motto states, “together we stand, together we fall.”


To provide teaching tips to help in revolutionizing teaching and learning and help in generating better grades.

Services  offered :

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