How to study and get good grades

         In order to be truly successful in school, you must be rounded and obtain high grades. Students must have time for reflection and exploration if they are going to profit fully from school life. You must find time to read widely and study ahead.  It is harmful to  constantly play “catch up”, worrying about whether you are learning effectively and being bombarded with the desperation of being inundated by assignments.  Students can eradicate these pitfalls by developing positive and practical study habits.  

Are good grades important?

The grades you obtain in school will have a profound effect on the life course you want to choose. Your grades will help you  to move on to the  next leg of the academic race that you are trotting and  it can be the factor that determines whether or not you get the  next scholarship that you are so hoping for.  You are able to determine the pace of the race with good grades.

Do you have good work habits?

A good student must have good work habits. On the other hand, good work habits and good grades are inextricable linked you cannot have one without the other. Students need to develop good habits while in the classroom, in the  library and  in  their study.

In the  classroom:

  • Listen attentively.
  • Answer questions and participate  in discussions.

In the  library:

  • Make  a  list  of  what  you’re going to look for.
  • Take along with you  all your study apparatus.
  • Get right to work  don’t  waste  time.
  • Make notes  on  what  you  have found.  

While studying.

  • Create a study schedule.
  • Find a place that is conducive to studying.
  • Know exactly what you’re to study.
  • Make a note of things that are not clear and research them.
  • End your study session on time and get  some rest.  

    All  good  students will not only study but they will have extracurricular activities in which they take part. The  key thing is striking a  balance, by planning well.  What  students  need to keep in mind  is that no executive takes a step without careful thinking and planning. The student without a  plan for his daily activities lives from one study predicament to the next.  Students are encouraged to create a study schedule at least two weeks after school begins when they have found  out  what  the  program is  like and what extracurricular activities that  will be taking part in. True success will be gained if you stuck to the study schedule that you have created. Feel free to modify this schedule as the work load gets more demanding and ensure  that you place this schedule in an area  where it  is visible.

   The  more time you  permit to elapse between study and a test of what you have learned, the less you  will remember of it. In planning your schedule, make time for studying each subject as close as possible to the time its class meets. With this  in mind  ensure that you study when you  are at  your best. You  do your best work during certain time of the day. Study when you are at your best. Some students study best at night while others are at their best when day breaks. The  job is yours to find the  time when you are at your best and construct your schedule around that time.

  Finally, sleep and healthy meals are just as important as studying so ensure that you factor in sleep and meals in your study routine.  



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