Diversity in the classroom.

Diversity in the  classroom is  considered to be: 

A diverse group of students refers to the unique qualities or attitudes that each student poses. These unique qualities or attitudes may be, their learning styles, choice of sports, choice recreation, skin color, cultural background, personality, giftedness and religious beliefs. Diversity is always present in a classroom, as a result, the onus is on the teacher to embrace it and make positive use of it. The teacher is now in the position to demonstrate to the students that he or she accepts the diversity that is present among the students. It is particularly important to demonstrate to the students that you have accepted the  diversity that is present because students are like sponge, they absorb the behaviours and body language that is emitted around them.    When people accept diversity, they recognize and respect the fact that people are different and that these differences are generally good for the ethos of the classroom. When the teacher accept the diversity, this will allow the students to feel more comfortable and fit in to the classroom setting and this will in turn create a more positive  classroom environment. What teachers also need to keep in mind is that children develop their identity and attitudes through experiences with their bodies, social environments, and their cognitive developmental stages.     Image

 Ways  in which teachers  can promote  diversity?

In order to have true success, students must be facilitated in an environment that is conducive  to learning. Teachers have the responsibility to devise ways to make the students feel safe, respected and comfortable. The society in which the students live and operate is becoming more and  more diverse each day, as a result it  is  important  that  student  learn  how  to  value  diversity which  will aid  in preparing  them to succeed. This begins with teachers demonstrating how to accept and promote diversity. Teachers need to:

  • Take the time to learn about your students’ cultural background.

Teachers can do this by allowing students to talk about their way of life : the things that the practice. It  is  recommended that the students are  placed  in  groups where they can  have   a cultural exchange. Students are expected to participate in activities that they learned about.

  • Allow students  to express their religious views.
  • Allow time for the students to learn about each other and what they bring  to the  classroom.

Allow students to give an overview of the  person that they  are , their likes and  dislikes.

  • Allow persons that the students might  be able to  connect with Or relate to, make presentations to them.

These can be people from different races, influential people in their society, their role models, and people with disabilities.

  • Cater for students varied learning styles.  Weather it may be:

Visual, oral, verbal

tactile, kinesthetic

inductive, deductive.

Incorporate varying teaching techniques to reach as many students as possible

  • Never tolerate behaviors that belittle other persons.
  •  Establish an environment that does not make anyone uncomfortable or feel threatened
  • Let go of  generalizations.
  • Remember that one student cannot represent an entire group. (One person cannot represent all black, white, Chines, Indians, Filipinos, Vietnamese ect. ).

Parents also have a role to play, they need to demonstrate positive attitudes that the students will imitate. Encourage their children to treat other with love and respect regardless of the skin color, hair type, language ect. Children must also be encouraged to perform king deeds whenever the opportunities presents itself.

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