Actively involve the learner in the teaching learning process.

Another objective of effective teaching is task involvement.  It is prudent to actively involve the learner in the teaching learning process. With this in mind, constructivism holds that learning is an active process and also making curriculum plans which enhances students, logical and conceptual growth. With learning being an active process and if the teacher is working in tandem with the constructivist view, this will engage the students in the teaching and learning process.  With the learner being actively involved there is a better chance of retaining the information that is being conveyed. We can take for example a teacher, teaching in a practical area, like industrial technology. It is always easy to verbally tell the students how to perform a task like welding. By applying constructivism the teacher will take the students in the welding area and  conduct demonstrations using the various types of welding and then give the students the opportunity to perform a welding task by them self. While the students are welding the teacher will effectively guide them through the process and make the necessary adjustments if they are not performing the task correctly.  In this case the students will be actively involved in the task at hand while the necessary adjustments are being made to ensure that they are learning the correct way to perform a welding operation.


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