Provide students with Instructional Variety!!!!

     As it relates to instructional variety, the constructivist approach provides the perfect opportunity to achieve this.  But what is instructional variety? It is considered as the use of a wide raImagenge of strategies and learning activities.  Let’s put this into perspective with the use of an example which entails a teacher instructing students in a biology class. Create a mental picture of this teacher teaching the students about the digestive system. By applying the constructivism approach the teacher will present the material in several ways whether it be directly telling the students how the system work, question the students to ascertain how much they know and what they need to know, allowing  them to uncover the function of the system in groups,  or allow the students to conduct a research. The above mention scenario is quintessential to constructivism meeting the objective of instructional variety.  This example shows the variety of ways in which the teacher could have presented the material to the students, and this is holding true to what constructivism is all about “making learning an active process.” 


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